How To Download Elementor Templates Kit

The collection of Elementor template libraries is getting more beaming as Elementor updates its new template kit. Currently, Elementor introduced a new feature kit library, to make your website process more quickly. 

The kit library is a kind of feature that helps you to review, search, and download the template kit. With the help of this feature, you can find suitable and friendly templates for your website project or download them within three clicks. 

In less time, you will get your website fully ready to use. Template kit is not a WordPress theme, it contains page content for Elementor page builder only. 

So let’s start downloading Elementor template kits for your website project to work faster. 

How To Download Templates Kit In Elementor

I recommend you to use the Elementor GPL Templates kit if you have an Elementor GPL template kit subscription or if you want to access our free templates kit library without a subscription. 

To import Elementor kits that you have purchased, you can use the import plugin from the Elementor GPL template kit. It will easily import the templates into your WordPress website. 

You can download a template kit by importing templates of the kit through the Elementor template library before the kit library feature came. You can import each template one by one, not all at once. It means that if the kit contains 6 templates then you need to import them 6 times. 

With the help of the kit library, you are able to import all the templates on a kit with a few clicks. But you have to make sure that you have Elementor 3.3 version to use the key library feature. 

After all the setup, go to the Templates then go to the kit library on your WordPress dashboard. Search for a template kit as you like.

You can use the left panel to filter the template kit by category or tag. You can also filter the template kit by popularity and its release date. There you will have a search bar option that you can use to find your suitable template kit. 

There you will get an option to preview a template kit. While previewing a template kit, you will get an Apply Kit button on the top-right corner. You need to click the button to download the template kit. 

Next, you will get the dialogue screen asking you to select the components according to your needs. Click on the next button from the bottom right corner. 

Now, you will be asked which products you want to apply for, so select your product and click on the Next button from the bottom right. Wait for some time until Elementor is importing the templates and setting up the things. 

From where can I download the Elementor Templates kit

Elementor is not the only party to offer template kits, you can get the Elementor Templates kit from a third party. You will get the best Elementor Templates kit on Elementorgpltemplatekits. All the templates are premium templates. 

Some WordPress themes use Elementor as the default page builder and also offer template kits. I’ll tell you about some websites where you can download your Elementor Templates kit easily. 

  1. ThemeForest

If you are using WordPress for some time then you are already familiar with the ThemeForest name. You have to pay for getting the WordPress theme. 

Newspapers and Avada, the popular theme, are associated with this website. If you use Elementor on your site then you will get the template kits on ThemeForest. 

Here you will get the templates in a wide range of categories. ThemeForest offers a dedicated importer plugin to download easily. Some template kits require an additional Elementor add-on so you should read the requirements carefully before buying. 

  1. Creative Market

Creative Market sells design items from templates, mockups, fonts, illustrations, and more. Creative Market can be a solution to get Elementor template kits for your project or work. It has no particular category for Elementor Templates. 

You need to use its search feature to look at the Elementor template kit. But the Creative Market website has no feature to preview the Elementor template kits. This website is owned by Dribble, the famous social media platform. 

  1. Template Monster

Temple Monster is another popular website to get WordPress themes and templates including the Elementor Template kit. Here you will get the option to find out the Elementor template kits by category. 

There is a left panel option to filter the template kits according to your need. While exploring Elementor template kits on Template Monster, you will find a template kit that requires JetElements or other Elementor add-ons. 

Make sure to read carefully all the requirements before buying template kits from Template Monster. There is a preview option also available. 

Summing Up:

Elementor template kit helps more in creating a website through its intuitive visual editor. The kit library is another Elementor to help its users to get a website done faster. 

Elementor template kit is a set of self-Elementor designed with the same design concept with or without a design language. By any chance, if none of the template kit libraries suit your needs then you can download a template kit from the above-mentioned sites. 

Hopefully, you understand where you should download the Elementor template kits for your website. If you want to use template kits on your site project then please reply in the comment section, I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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