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10 Best Elementor pro addons that you must know?

Elementor is arguably one of the best WordPress page builders available. It’s adaptable, feature-rich, and extensible. It is a page builder designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress website.

Although its built-in features are sufficient to make your website dreams a reality, you can still expand it by using add-ons.

Do you want to change the appearance of your sliders? There is a supplement for that. Do you need to change the headings? There is a plug-in for that. Do you want to make your sections look fancier? There is a supplement for that.

In this article, we’ll go over the best Elementor add-ons available to help your website stand out and shine.

Let’s get this party started.

What Is Elementor?

Elementor. Doesn’t that sound fancy? But what is it exactly?

It’s almost as common in the WordPress development community as the term “WordPress.” However, it is not to be taken lightly.

Elementor is primarily a page builder. It is installed on your website in the same way that a plugin is, often in conjunction with a theme, and you can use its extensive list of features to create and manage your WordPress pages, posts, and other custom post types.

A page builder is a tool used to “build” or design pages on the front and back ends of a website. Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizzy, and WPBakery are among the most popular. 

Some page builders only allow you to design on the back end (from the WordPress Dashboard), while others allow you to design on the front end (showing you how the website will actually look), and still others allow you to do both.

Elementor is a page builder for the front end.

Although Elementor has its own theme that is built specifically for it, you can use the Elementor page builder with a variety of other themes on the market. 

Check out our extensive list of Best Elementor Themes to get a sense of how visually appealing this page builder can make your site.

Add-ons, also known as extensions, are simply WordPress plugins that can provide your page builder with additional options, features, and even widgets that you can use to build your site and save you time with design.

What to Look For in Elementor Add-Ons?

There are numerous Elementor add-ons available. However, some do not work as intended, and others do not work at all.

Here are a few things to look for when looking for Elementor add-ons to save you the trouble of going through them all and possibly breaking your website.

Price – As with anything, a budget must be considered. Nobody wants to pay more than you did for your entire website for a few add-ons. If you’re familiar with WordPress and on a tight budget, there will almost certainly be free alternatives to whatever add-on you require.

The number of Widgets/Functionality – if you only want one specific feature or widget, it’s pointless to get one with 20 more widgets. Even so, it’s worth looking through them because you never know what you might like. Just make a note of it and go back and deactivate or remove the ones you don’t need.

Support and Updates – Keeping your website up to date is critical for security. That should be the same for your add-ons. Making certain that it is constantly updated by their developers and that you can contact them whenever you need to.

Compatibility – While most addons work well with most themes and plugins, some of them may not be as compatible. For example, if two of your plugins perform the same function, they may cause plugin conflict and cause some features to malfunction.

It may be beneficial to conduct some trial and error on your staging or test website before going live. This allows you to observe how plugins behave before they have an impact on users.

Having the functions and features that you require for your website is important, but don’t forget about the points listed above.

Almost all of the sites are free of cost. You do not need to pay a penny for it. Want to know which one is free of cost to read the article further?  

And if you want to know which Elementor pro-add-ons are essential for your sites. They enable a vast range of addons services. 

Within reasonable and excellent cost.

Although this question must have risen in your mind, why should you opt for elementor addons? 

Elementor addons are like web page builders. You add an elementor on your Web page like the way you add a plugin.

Thus, making you able to use  enormous listings of functions to establish and manage your WordPress pages, posts, and other custom submit sorts.

Now you have the gist of why Elementor pro-add-ons are significant. Let us look at the services that are offered by us. 

  1. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

The first on our list of the best Elementor pro add-ons is Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

With millions of people using Ultimate Addons for Elementor for its features like extensions, more than 100 templates to choose from, installation updates, every widget you might need to make your site more attractive and more stylish, and many more. 

days money-back guarantee makes it more desirable. 


  • Regular updates 
  • Big collection of templates 
  • Widgets
  • The huge availability of Section blocks 
  • Unique themes 
  • Time-saving 
  • Cross-site Copy Paste feature
  • Great customer care service. 

Different plans available on Ultimate Addons for Elementor

  • Ultimate Addons ($57 annual plan)
  • Essential Bundle ($137 Lifetime plan)
  • Growth Bundle($187 Lifetime plan)

Download This Addon here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-addons-for-elementor/

  1. Elementor Header & Footer Blocks

The second on our list is people’s favorite Elementor Header & Footer Blocks. 

It is an important plugin to create your Header, Footer and Block. 

And the cherry on top is that it comes free of cost. 

You don’t need to pay for any annual or monthly plan to use it. 

Some of the features of Elementor Header & Footer Blocks are, 

  • Title
  • Designs, fronts 
  • Target location for header, footer, and blocks 
  • Huge variety of Templates 
  • Tagline for site
  • Menu for navigation
  • Menu cart of woo commerce 
  • Search 

Prices of Elementor Header & Footer Blocks

  • 0$

Download This Addon here:

  1. ElementsKit

The third on our list of best Elementor pro addons is ElementsKit. 

Using ElementsKit you get basic widgets like Accordion, header, footer, testimonial, table, grid animation, pre-loader, woo commerce-related themes, and a huge collection of templates. 

Features of for ElementsKit Elementor include 

  • Footer builder
  • Templates 
  • Accordion
  • Header builder
  • Video screencast checking 
  • Tab 
  • Availability of social tabs 
  • Blog post 
  • client logo carousel slider
  • Customization of logo 
  • Timer 
  • Fun facts 
  • Table, chart, bar chart 
  • Woocommerce widgets 

Pricing for ElementsKit for Elementor is 

  • Free (0$)

Download This Addon here:

  1. AnyWhere Elementor

Fourth on our top best Elementor pro add-ons is AnyWhere Elementor. 

This plugin allows you to insert templates anywhere on your site using shortcodes 

With features like Global Post Layouts, Templates like Tag Templates, Post Archive Templates, WooCommerce Category Layouts, Design pages and design search. 

Pros of AnyWhere Elementor 

  • Booster Blocks
  • Map Engine
  • Frontend Product Editor and many more 

Pricing for AnyWhere Elementor is 

  • AnyWhere Elementor has two plans 
  • One is a free (0$) plan where all the basic is included 
  • While other is the pro plan (25$)

Download This Addon here:

  1. Essential Addons for Elementor

Fifth on our list is Essential Addons for Elementor. 

Essential Addons for Elementor  allows the user to add and edit posts and pages.  

With feature like 

  • Add posts 
  • Edit posts 
  • Add pages 
  • Delete posts 
  • Post grid 
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Table contents 
  • Woo Product Gallery
  • Woo card
  • Login/register form 
  • Pricing Table
  • Fancy text
  • Protect content and many more. 

Pricing for ACF Frontend is 

  • It has three plans 
  1. 1 website plan (31.98 $)
  2. Ultimate plan (79.98 $)
  3. Lifelong plan (199.98 $)

Download This Addon here:

6) Elementor Addon Elements

The next on our list is Elementor Addon Elements. 

Elementor Addon Elements allows users to curate design easily. 

Features of Elementor Addon Elements is 

  • Widgets 
  • The large variety of Designs 
  • Timeline
  • Info circle 
  • Comparison Table
  • Thumbnail Slider
  • Before and after comparison of image 
  • Background Slider
  • Google maps 
  • Split text 
  • Tables like price, post, and data. 
  • Instant download
  • Regular updates 

Pricing of Elementor Addon Elements is 

  • Free (0$)

Download This Addon here:

7) Sticky Header Effects

The next on our top Elementor pro addons list is Sticky Header Effects. 

It allows users to make changes in header background color, height, logo size, and many more. 

Some of the features of Sticky Header Effects include 

  • Scroll down option 
  • Header changes 
  • Logo size changes 
  • Transparent Header
  • Shrink logo
  • Animation
  • Hide effects 
  • Screenshots 
  • Split menu 

Pricing of Sticky Header Effects is

  • Free (0$)

Download This Addon here:

8) Crocoblock

Next is one of the popular elementor pro addons on the people list is Crocoblock. 

It allows users to create customized grid templates with customized widgets and this one is specially made for those who want to use elementor pro addons for their respective sites. 

Features of Crocoblock include 

  • Chart builder 
  • Themes 
  • Plugins 
  • Patterns 
  • Templates 
  • Google maps 
  • SEO custom post
  • Widgets 
  • Shortcodes 
  • Tags
  • Table, query, post types and many more features available. 

Pricing of Crocoblock is

  • Free (0$)
  • All-Inclusive (199 $) per year 
  • All-Inclusive Unlimi (399$) per year
  • FreelanceLifetime (750$) One time payment 
  • Lifetime

( 999$) one time payment

Download This Addon here:

9) Happy Addons for Elementor

The reason why Happy Addons for Elementor is added to our list is due to its effortless customization with multiple customization options. This one is perfect for your website. 

Features of Happy Addons for Elementor  include 

  • Templates
  • Widgets 
  • Gradient Heading
  • Review 
  • Icon box
  • Headings 
  • Card
  • Skill Bars
  • Image Compare
  • Team Member
  • Slider
  • 360° rotation 
  • Slider
  • Tabs
  • Data table
  • Animated link

The pricing of Happy Addons for Elementor is

There are two plans available 

  1. Yearly plan
  • Starter- 39$ for one site
  • Professional –  89$ for 5 sites
  • Business- 189$ 1000 sites 
  1. Free plan (0$) 

Download This Addon here:

10) Premium Addons

Last but not least on our list is Premium Addons.  

It allows users to create customized widgets, and plugins for woo commerce, Divided Showcase Carousel, Numbered Slider, and many more without any coding required. 

Some of the features of Premium Addons include 

  • Widgets
  • Images and video widgets 
  • Sections and columns 
  • Plugins for woo commerce 
  • More than a thousand installation 
  • team’s fast support
  • Adding new designs is easier

Pricing for Premium Addons is

  • Free (0$)

Download This Addon here:


Elementor is one of the most capable page builders available. Not only is it extremely simple to use, even for beginners, but it also supports extensions and add-ons, which expands its capabilities even further.

It makes no difference whether you have the free or premium version of Elementor; both are excellent at what they were designed to do.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor and Starter Templates is one of those ideal combinations designed specifically for Elementor. Having these together not only simplifies the website design process, but also provides you with all of the best features that you can use to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Aside from those two, the add-ons on this list are sure to cover everything you could possibly need to improve the design and aesthetics of your website.

We also have a similar article on the best Beaver Builder addons, which you should read.

Did we leave anything out? Please let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll be happy to respond.

Visit us: https://elementorgpltemplatekits.com/ for more details.

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